Another Dreeeam.

I’m not really sure what the science behind dreaming is. I think there are many many factors. Here’s a doozie:
I can’t recall where it begins and ends, but I was watching my video “magic box” on YouTube, and I noticed that someone had added a new beginning. It was about fifteen minutes of me jogging, past a school bus, past a group of people doing aerobics. The aerobic dancers were wearing green Fresh Cut Salads shirts bla bla bla. you had to be there. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
while I was watching this strange miracle of a video, I started scratching a bump on my hand. The bump became a boil of sorts, and I managed to squeeze a baby bird skeleton out of the blemish. Since that was apparently NOT the first time that had happened, I was understandably upset. Levi Jonston (of the Palin variety) was there for some reason, and when I went into the bathroom, I saw that he had pooped in my sink, to punish me for trying to kick him out of my party. I started screaming at him, and just to spite me some more, he emptied the rest of his intestinal contents in to his trousers. Just as things were settling down, Kim Catrall fell out of my second story window. I looked out the window, to see her embedded in the pavement.
As always, I’m leaving out many details, Not only because I’m lazy, but because my dreams are not for the faint of heart, and you my friend seem like a faint hearted nancy.
Okay sorry for boring, and bye. off to dream some more….

2 thoughts on “Another Dreeeam.

  1. Chiriqui

    The design for your web site is a bit off in Galeon. Nonetheless I like your blog. I may have to install a “normal” browser just to enjoy it. :)

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