Monthly Archives: April 2010

No internet = Productive two weeks

I know what  it looks like. I haven’t been blogging or status updating or interneting in general,  for two weeks, so I must have been entertaining myself with food induced hallucinations. Not true. I’ve been advancing myself musically… recording, practicing, writing, and yes, eating… so there.

I really do try to keep up with this dream blogging thing, but here is my problem: I wake up with a head full of crazy dreams, I scan over them to make sure I remember them, and I fall asleep scanning.  I’ve taken to recording my voice giving certain cues, as soon as I wake up,  in hopes that it will trigger my memory of a dream.  Here is an example of one I just listened to: “um… little red riding hood had a… skin license? um it was to that you could put any sort of explicit content into it…”  I can’t say I have anything but a vague memory of that dream, so I guess my only hope is to record my dreams in full detail as soon as i wake up. Dang.