Monthly Archives: May 2010

In the Studio

Whilst my producer, Rubin, asks me how the latest mix sounds, I look up and say, “sorry, I wasn’t paying attention,”  and make him play it again… I guess since my active roll in this album is winding down (all the writing, singing, and piano playing aspects are laid down) all there is left for me to do, is nod or shake my head at post-production actions. Still, it’s important for me to be here and focussed… focus, however,  is not my greatest talent.

I always feel the need to multitask when there is a lot of downtime, or even just a lack of physical involvement, like now. Maybe I have the propensity towards divided attention ,because, as a singer /piano player, my brain is spit into at least six independent parts while performing; singing, lyrical recall, right hand, left hand, right foot pedal, left foot keeping beat, you could even count presence, and cuing the band… Yikes! This is starting to sound like an Andy Rooney rant… Anyway, a few months ago I was holding my brand new nephew for the first time totally in-love and drawn in by his gurgles and giggles, yet I found myself thinking, “besides holding a baby, which, let’s face it, is pretty easy, I’m not really doing anything”… so I inched over toward my trendy smartphone and checked my e-mail. If we can’t sit still while looking into the eyes of a baby, or taking-in the vast beauty of a landscape, or even something that requires undivided attention, like, driving; that’s pretty sad. I’m much more a fan of  seizing the moment… often, with both hands.

When I sleep, instead of counting sheep, which has no benefit beyond boring me to sleep … I do something with more mental tedium, and much more benefit to my future; like recalling notes on a grand staff, or memorizing lyrics. If I’m waiting for my hair to dry, why not practice piano? If I’m confined to a bomb-shelter because there’s the threat of nuclear holocaust, I could easily occupy my time until I pass-out from near starvation (2 to 3 hours.)

It’s hard to live in the moment and focus on one thing at a time these days when the bar is set so high. Everyone’s accomplishments are up on youtube, there is always a world record to beat, a instrument solo to improve upon, while tap-dancing… all before the age of three. The best we can do these days is bring our own flavor of kick-ass to the table. As for me, my hindquarters are numb now, so I’ll do some squats, while blogging, and giving second opinions on the EQ of that guitar track.