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I’m Baaaack

My album is being shipped!! You will hear it soon. Pretty Awesome. It took longer than I care to think about. That’s What happens when you don’t have three million dollars, but still want it to sound like it cost that much to record.

In other news, I’ve just moved to Los Angeles, CA I love it here, I miss the east coast though. Fortunately, I still have a lot of business in Philly and beyond, so I’ll definitely be going back and forth.

I still have crazy crazy dreams, but I’ve just been so busy. Lucky for you. I’ll be back to dump my dreams on you…

No internet = Productive two weeks

I know what  it looks like. I haven’t been blogging or status updating or interneting in general,  for two weeks, so I must have been entertaining myself with food induced hallucinations. Not true. I’ve been advancing myself musically… recording, practicing, writing, and yes, eating… so there.

I really do try to keep up with this dream blogging thing, but here is my problem: I wake up with a head full of crazy dreams, I scan over them to make sure I remember them, and I fall asleep scanning.  I’ve taken to recording my voice giving certain cues, as soon as I wake up,  in hopes that it will trigger my memory of a dream.  Here is an example of one I just listened to: “um… little red riding hood had a… skin license? um it was to that you could put any sort of explicit content into it…”  I can’t say I have anything but a vague memory of that dream, so I guess my only hope is to record my dreams in full detail as soon as i wake up. Dang.


Here is a new dream. Does anyone actually like reading my dreams? I sure do hate hearing other people’s.
I have a lot of apocalyptic dreams, but for some reason, the weather is always perfect. I was bargain shopping for a long sleeved bathing-suit, and the dude at the counter game me some free sunblock and spray-tan. I think i was getting ready for a big wedding on a lake… or something. I started doing something called “jet-surfing,” which was basically a surfboard with jets. I was flying, and it felt pretty darn good, until a helicopter flew into the “washington DC Bridge” and it blew up. The bridge was actually a building that was shaped like a bridge going over the Lake, so 99 people were killed. Anyway, I, and millions of people surfed or swam over to the site of the crash, and had a party in the water. good times. maybe I should make a forum page and everybody can share their boring dreams… or maybe you can just leave comment. I’ma go practice my piano so I can bring you more beautiful songs.