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No internet = Productive two weeks

I know what  it looks like. I haven’t been blogging or status updating or interneting in general,  for two weeks, so I must have been entertaining myself with food induced hallucinations. Not true. I’ve been advancing myself musically… recording, practicing, writing, and yes, eating… so there.

I really do try to keep up with this dream blogging thing, but here is my problem: I wake up with a head full of crazy dreams, I scan over them to make sure I remember them, and I fall asleep scanning.  I’ve taken to recording my voice giving certain cues, as soon as I wake up,  in hopes that it will trigger my memory of a dream.  Here is an example of one I just listened to: “um… little red riding hood had a… skin license? um it was to that you could put any sort of explicit content into it…”  I can’t say I have anything but a vague memory of that dream, so I guess my only hope is to record my dreams in full detail as soon as i wake up. Dang.

Sorry for not blogging mommy.

SORRY. Sorry I’ve abandoned you Mr. blog. Sorry I haven’t been smearing my disturbing nightmares s all over your cyber-pages. I’ve had so many dreams that you would find mildly interesting; Like the one about me watching a video tape of my life in high school, while two HUGE mallards swam out of the screen towards me… Or the one about me sitting at an ice cream shop with Bill Clinton, and crying like a two-year-old and screaming, and smashing my birthday cake…
You’d think I would get more bloggy stuff done, whilst the snow was upon us. Nope. I’m just not a very consistent doer of anything… not type A. I’ll sit at my piano for 6 straight hours and practice- in the middle of the night- rather than setting a strict hour-and-day thing. No matter how hard I try, I just don’t work that way. I won’t remember your birthday… so you’ll just have to accept that.
I will say, I’m driven, and I do get a lot done, I guess I’m just a slave to inspiration, not schedules. I Think most artsy people are like that, that’s the real reason they are starving… they forget to eat.