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Tiger Woods.

I guess Tiger Woods’ epic downfall is affecting me on a deeper level than I am aware of. With all that is going on in my life…The release of my video, digital single, trying to get my album finished, making sure my website, and all of my social networking sites are in order, uploading, submitting, researching, practicing, basically getting all of my ducks in a row…
© carla bean

Basically, my life is exciting; way too exciting to be having recurring dreams about Tiger woods. Okay, I’ve only had two in a row, but that’s more than I’m comfortable with.
First, I dreamt that I had a crush on Tiger, and we were in Heaven…or Thailand. I was looking over a vast landscape, it had miles of mountains, exotic trees, and indescribable beauty. I said “this must be heaven”, but then I concluded that we were in Thailand, because of the plexiglass windows on the houses. Weird…Isn’t Tiger Woods’ Mother, Thai? hmmmm. Anyway, I’ve decided this dream isn’t interesting, so I’ll move on.
In my next dream, I didn’t like Tiger Woods AT ALL, but he was extremely gifted; He could make minnows disappear in his mouth. He was famous for this, and no one knew his secret… but I did… He was just swallowing them. I was in church and everyone was trying to disappear their minnows in their mouths, but they were gagging, some people’s minnows were more like huge eels. I don’t know if it was because Tiger knew that I could expose his secret, but he was locking me out of a room I REALLY needed to get into. So I told his secret, but nobody believed me, because they believed what ever he said… because he was Tiger Woods. Bye

Confessions of a teenager with MS Paint

These goodies are very appropriate for this session of therapy. I did them in high-school on MS Paint, using a mouse, on a low resolution screen with like five pixels. To make matters worse, or at least more nintedoughy, I lost the original files. Still…I like them, and they certainly give you a window into my well-adjusted mind. I should really start drawing again, having an outlet might take some of the creep out of my music. I’ll add more, once i find them.

first session. dreams.

Okay, I guess my therapy page can be my official blog. So I am starting over. I guess that’s what therapy is all about. I will start by posting a dream I already wrote down, but more is coming.
Gotta Start Somewhere…

I’m new to this whole blogging thing, so I don’t know what to write about. My Dreams; Very disturbing, and emotionally stirring…to me. For some reason, I can never really get that across when I’m desperately spewing out the seemingly relevant details to the nearest victim. Still, i feel the need to get them off my chest.
My september resolution will be this: No telling my dreams to loved ones. I will write them in this Therapy section of my website, starting today. Just know I’m censoring 90% of the disturbing, gory, and embarrassing parts.

Last night, I had a Dream that I was at a vacation house with my family. I was very excited about eating a chocolate chunked brownie, and a slice of apple pie. as I was searching through the refrigerator for some whipped cream, my mom had some how placed several mops and brooms in my bucket of dessert, along with some dirty water. apparently, this was an on-going problem, because after chewing my mom out for ruining my dessert, I banned her from ever coming on vacation with us again.
It was suddenly five years later, and I was driving to a vacation house with my family, minus my mother, of course. My brother Chad and his wife, had a forth child, who was now a three-year-old transgender, with short blonde hair, and an adorable face. his/her name was olivia or something. Our dear friend, Reade, was driving, and clearly did not get the concept of a stop sign, or a crossing guard, because he slowly ran into several school children. When I tried to enlighten him, he got extremely offended. So when we arrived at the vacation house, I was giving a very large iguana a piggy-back ride. My Brother encouraged his transgender baby to take a bite out of the iguana’s tail. I felt guilty about letting that happen. I also felt guilty about excommunicating my mother from all family vacations.
I’m going to stop, as I am sure the one person who made it this far is gnawing his own leg off in, in boredom. but this is only the beginning. I’m starting to think that my dreams have less to do with psychological issues, and more with mass quantities of hard drugs i do…i mean, of food i consume late at night…
sweet dreams.